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Shop in $FRK

How to Shop in $FRK?
You can spend your $FRK on special deals on curated cultural goods and services.
Access Frak Permissionless E-Shop and spend your $FRK on our special offers on cultural goods or services specially curated for you.

What kind of offers can I find in Frak Shop?

In the e-shop you’ll find e-card to spend in our partners e-shops (Twitch, Amazon, Fnac, Apple…).

How to shop in Frak?

  • Select the country you want to shop in
  • Select the offer you want to purchase
  • Enter the amount you want to credit on the e-card (some offer need minimum amount)
  • Checkout, you’ll shortly receive an email with the link of your offer
Make sure you always select your country before purchasing the e-card, offers can only be spent in the country they are purchased in. </aside>
Last modified 4mo ago